Asena, Hazal and Bihter

Two trans women, Asena and Hazal, who went to meet their friend Yasmin at Ankara’s “Kizilay AVM” shopping mall were stopped by private security at the entrance.  The security chief justified the situation by saying that “President Gul has a directive that prevents people of your kind getting in.”  Bihter went to Kizilay AVM the next day and talked to the security chief. Bihter reminded him of his claim about President’s directive, which he denied. He kept on claiming that the administration of the mall decided in a meeting not to allow anyone who has feminine ways of acting, looking like a transvestite with a wig on and with marginal looks.” This is absurd and wrong. Public spaces should open to all people who abide by the terms for being there. Discriminatory terms, such as terms based on sex or race, are abhorrent.

Trans Women Not Allowed in Shopping Mall in the Turkish Capital | Kaos GL – News Portal for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender People.