assholeBitch Magazine, a third wave, sex positive “feminist” publication, published a lengthy article by Tina Vasquez about Feminists not centering the concerns of Men. The article specifically focused on Cathy Brennan and various incidents in which she did not center the rights of Men and/or allow Men to speak to her disrespectfully. According to Bitch Magazine, to be feminist, Women must center the rights of Men, must deny female biology, and must allow Men to speak to us disrespectfully.  Additionally, Women are not permitted to observe public facts and comment on them unless those comments affirm and support Men.  Bitch Magazine also affirms the right of Men to abuse Women online, as the chief complaint against Brennan is that she will notify the people in Men’s lives when said Men harass her and other Women online. The article was published on the same day as an unintelligible form bar complaint written by Dana Lane Taylor, a man who harassed Cathy Brennan about her rape. You can download that complaint here.Capture

Apparently, according to Bitch Magazine, feminism now requires Women to deny that we belong to a class with shared characteristics. This trend has been observed over the last several years.

women exist
Transwomen are still Men, no matter how many “Cathy Brennan is evil” articles you write. Sorry.

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It’s Time to End the Long History of Feminism Failing Transgender Women _ Bitch Media.

Miss Sudo Khaleesi (miss_sudo) on Twitter.

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