@bindelj and New Turn’s “Women in the 21st Century” Event

1619575_1447609165468288_192708471_nFeminist writer and campaigner Julie Bindel has been no platformed from New Turn’s “Women in the 21st Century” Event after a campaign by transgender activists and others complaining of Bindel’s alleged “transphobia.” Bindel has been no-platformed from other events for her feminist views on gender.

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New Turn’s “Women in the 21st Century” Event Program.

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One thought on “@bindelj and New Turn’s “Women in the 21st Century” Event”

  1. This sounds like a horrible conference anyway. “Our guests range from those who feel feminism should be solely on personal interpretation and experiences (sic) to speakers who think the next battle for women’s rights should be fought in the developing world. There will also be talks from several speakers who do not do not consider themselves to be feminists.” From pomo to cultural chauvinism to men’s rights, eh? All kinds of feminism.

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