Parker Molloy is a transgender activist who also works as a “reporter” for The Advocate. Molloy regularly reveals on his Twitter account that he is far from objective in his endeavors, a problem for many new media reporters, including Laurie Penny, Tina Vasquez and others. Recently, write and feminist Gia Milinovich wrote a blog post about biology that angered transgender activists.  Molloy then tweeted Milinovich asking her if she wanted to discuss the issue privately.


Gia 2


Gia Milinovich, as a feminist and writer, has every right to decide what issues are important to her, to write about them publicly, and to offer critique of ideologies she may view as harmful to women. She also has every right to do this in public where it may be seen and considered by others. In response to this exchange, Molloy then subtweeted:

liarMolloy’s statement about Milinovich’s motivation for wanting to speak publicly is dismissive. Men have dismissed Women since time immemorial when Women attempt to participate in public life. It is not a “public fight” to want to discuss how gender identity harms Women, with other Women, in public. Women have long been denied the opportunity to participate in public life and discussion.

UNMilinovich, who has a significant Twitter following, is using her platform to discuss an issue that matters to her and to many Women who have been silenced around this issues for years. To reduce this to a mere desire to have a “public fight” is offensive.

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