Project ROSE and @imanihenry (USA)

tantrumImani Henry is a transman located in New York City. Henry is currently campaigning against an Arizona diversion program intended to help Women exit prostitution.  Project ROSE offers Women arrested for prostitution offenses a way out of prostitution if they choose and enables them to access services ranging from mental help to medical assistance.  Henry wants to remove funding for Project ROSE because a Man who identifies as a Woman, Monica Jones, was arrested for prostitution offenses and declined to participate in Project Rose. Jones is a choice sex worker who is also a student at Arizona State University, which makes him privileged over the majority of Women in prostitution who lack the choices he has.

In other words, Henry, a transgender activist, wants to destroy a program that actually helps Women.

Cracking down on sex trafficking by not arresting prostitutes _ azfamily.

Son of A Maroon • Support Monica Jones and De-fund Project...

2 thoughts on “Project ROSE and @imanihenry (USA)”

  1. typical.

    to the autogynephiliac/trans man, the ultimate goal is to be the object of male sexual attention. therefore, they see prostitution as the highest manifestation of their porn-controlled minds. to them, the prostitute is *so desired that men will PAY to penetrate her.* this is the most potent outcome of the strongest delusions of global human pathoculture: capitalism and patriarchy.

    to a male sexual entitlement activist, prostitution is an essential right and one that is being vigorously defended. because all autogynephiliacs/male trans men care about is their penis, it is therefore logical (within that pathology) to consider all women as both their rightful property and the embodied expression of their fetishistic obsessions. their sexual gratification is more important than the wellness of any other sentient being.

    they have made this quite clear, that their orgasm is more important than any other consideration.

    the auto-destruct sequence has been initiated, the countdown is now in the single digits.


    i am getting a bit bored of these men.

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