Gia Milinovich ‏@giagia (UK)

Gia Milinovich is a writer and feminist in the United Kingdom. Last fall, she hosted an event at Soho Skeptics to discuss the conflation of sex and gender. She subsequently wrote an excellent piece called “Controversy” in which she further explained her thinking. She has now released another piece, “I heart you,” in which she details how Women are abused for knowing human biology. Some of the abuse, which she hyperlinks in her column, appears below.

We support Gia Milinovich and her right to express an opinion without being subjected to this kind of abuse.

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2 thoughts on “Gia Milinovich ‏@giagia (UK)

  1. Sophia Banks is something else. Sorry to burst the pretty pink, unicorn trans bubble, but Sophia is male, and nothing is ever going to change this fact.

    “Fuck cissexism. A penis is not ‘male’, a vagina is not ‘female’. I am a woman/female. My genitals don’t dictate my gender”

    What the heck is “cisssexism”?

    Wrong, Sophia, and I’m not going to be part of your fantasies and delusions. A penis is part of the male reproductive system, and a vagina is part of the female reproductive system. Please don’t prattle on about rare disorders of sexual development because the vast majority of transgender identified people have no actual DSD. Every mainstream DSD (intersex) organization makes a distinction between transgender and disorders of sexual development.

    If a human is born make, he is male. The statement, “My genitals don’t dictate my gender” isn’t based on science. It’s based on a culturally dictated identification.. Humans are nothing more than primates with more intelligence. Primates can’t change their sex. Some intrepid souls have always stepped outside the boundaries of traditional sex roles. They went my many names, and trans activists do not own a patent on all gender non-conformity both past and present. Unlike biological sex, race, and disabilities caused by genetic conditions, gender identity can be changed.

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