Heidi Beirich is the director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Beirich said the center does not track blogs as hate groups.  In a recent opinion piece by a gay newspaper, Beirich gave, apparently, the following quote:

“We don’t list them (GIW) as a hate group because it’s a blog and we don’t compile a list of hate websites anymore, largely because it was becoming impossible to track what was happening on the Web.”  

She also apparently acknowledged “there have been some issues with Gender Identity Watch,”  but refused to deem it a hate group. Beirich  is not quoted as specifying those issues, but, presumably, her issues stem from the fact that this blog discusses issues in the GLBT demographic critically instead of fawning over them.  We suspect Beirich is unaware that all of the members of this blogging collective support Title VII protections for transgender people.

“It’s not that we don’t consider some of the things that have happened there to be really ugly,” Beirich said. “It doesn’t qualify as a hate group under our definition because a hate group has to have some membership, like a group.”

We invite Beirich to contact our group, as a group of people run this blog, and specify what exactly she considers “ugly.”

In response, we will advise Beirich what we consider “ugly,” including:

This does not even begin to address the misogyny of the GLBT Community in how it addresses Lesbians in particular who seek to assert women’s concerns.

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