Avery Edison @aedison (Canada)

CaptureAvery Edison is a man (with a penis) who identifies as a woman. He recently penned a blog post  (The Best of Both Worlds – The Bygone Bureau) shaming a woman for not wanting to engage sexually with his penis.  Edison has been detained as men’s facility  in Toronto on an immigration violation. According to Edison’s Canadian common-law wife Romy Sugden, Edison overstayed a student visa last year but left voluntarily in mid-September. Edison returned to Toronto with a non-refundable return ticket and had planned to stay for three weeks to visit Sugden and speak with lawyers. He was denied entry upon landing and chronicled his ordeal on Twitter. After being detained at the airport for more than seven hours, Avery was transferred to Maplehurst Correctional Complex, a provincial men’s detention and correctional facility in Milton, Ontario.

“While she was being held there, at one point, I was told that male genitals equals male prison and it doesn’t matter,” Sugden, 27, told Canada.com.

Edison has a penis. It is not unreasonable to house Edison with other people with penises, whether or not his passport says “female.” Under the UK Gender Recognition Act, the law that likely enabled Edison’s “female” passport, all that is needed for a man to get a “female” passport is a note from his doctor.  Ontario, Canada, where Edison is currently housed, has similar views on the ease with which men should be allowed to become female on legal documents.

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Avery Edison, a transgender woman, sent to men’s facility in visa dispute _ canada.

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