Maryland (USA)

Maryland Senate Bill 212, also called the Fairness for All Marylanders Act, has advanced in the Maryland Senate with a new definition of “gender identity.”

To be clear for all the definition is now:




This definition attempts to address the discomfort caused by allowing Men to declare they are Women without any objective proof. Unfortunately, it fails wholly to provide any guidance to judge who is “actually transgender.” Transgenderism is most akin to religious faith, which is also often described as “sincerely held.”

Definition of Gender Identity.

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ron hood

Bitch Media, an anti-feminist publication that prioritizes the ability of the individual to make any choice and call it feminist, confirmed its woman-hating credentials by publishing dozens of repulsive comments on an “article” about lesbian activist Cathy Brennan.

Some of the comments:

“Cis woman. Your so full of shit your pussy stinks.”

“Your going to get killed by an enraged father for playing a part in his trans babies death.”

“Ball is in your court now you fucking hatefull c@$%-”

“We existed 1in30000 .. but mother nature decided to pump up our birth rate 200x in recent years. Suck my trannie dick RFs we are exploding”

You can read the comments here and here.

GUEST POST: @FredVictorTO Finding Shelter

EDITOR NOTE: In response to news of Christopher Hambrook raping and sexually assaulting Women at women’s shelters in Toronto, we were contacted by a woman who was also sexually assaulted by a “transgender woman” at the Bethlehem United Shelter, a joint project of Fred Victor, Bethlehem United Church (Apostolic) and the City of Toronto. We publish her account below.

I was 27 years old when the years of abuse I suffered at the hands of both my parents and the foster care system became too much for my body to take. Multiple brain injuries, broken bones and a shattered heart my body gave out, my blood pressure crashed and I almost died. My best friend and sole caregiver needing help turned to a local agency charged with providing care for the elderly, sick and disabled only to find them working with my abusers to have me forced into a nursing home so we fled our home and headed downtown in search of shelter, in search of safety.

It turns out finding shelter is really difficult when you need a wheelchair to get around and even more difficult when your caregiver is a friend and not a spouse. After months of sleeping outside, exhausted, cold, hungry and longing for a bed we lied our way into a family shelter by saying we were a couple. This shelter apparently did take in single people because there were a few so I am unsure why they gave us such a hassle but it didn’t matter because we were in, we were warm, we were together and we were safe, or so we thought.

One of the single people in the shelter was a transgender person who the staff assured me posed no risk because he was a women. He had long blonde hair, breasts, wore skirts and dresses, make up and went by female names, yes he changed his name multiple times. He was also a prostitute and a drug addict which the shelter condones but since my friend and I were not there to make friends we really didn’t care, we minded our own and just stuck together.

One warm afternoon we were outside the front of the shelter having a smoke when this man in women’s clothing approached us. High on drugs he started yelling at me about another women in the shelter. My friend tried to calm him down but there was no calming him down. He threw his lit cigarette at me, pulled my hair, spit on me, hit me repeatedly and then shoved his penis in my face. I was trapped in my wheelchair while my friend was on the phone with 911 and trying her best to keep this man off of me. I was hysterical and 911 was a joke, they kept telling my friend to tell me to move away from the man, to go into the shelter and my friend kept telling them I couldn’t. I was powerless, I felt helpless, it seemed like a nightmare.

When the shelter staff told me this man was a women and explained to me “how it works” I believed them. I did not see this man as a threat I viewed him like I would any other women. When 911 said they were sending police the man took of into the shelter. It turns out as a regular to this shelter he knew that the shelter has a policy where they will not tell police who is staying there, they will neither confirm nor deny. The police couldn’t do a thing.

A couple days later we were informed by a transgender shelter staff that I could either go to a nursing home or we could leave so we left and headed back downtown to sleep on the streets. Six months later we did find shelter and we did find safety, we landed a great wheelchair accessible apartment, got our cats back and brought home a puppy but to this day I am still haunted by the man in women’s clothing towering over me with his penis in my face.

Predator who claimed to be transgender declared dangerous offender _ Toronto & GTA _ News _ Toronto Sun.

Hayden v. Greensburg Community School Corporation (USA)

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled that Greensburg Community Schools in Indiana engaged in sex discrimination when it required a male student to cut his hair or lose his spot on the school basketball team. Parents Patrick and Melissa Hayden had challenged the hair cut requirement’s constitutionality after their son, identified in court documents as A.H., was cut from the team in 2010 after he declined to cut his hair. The court found that the school’s “policy constitutes sex discrimination.”

Hayden v. Greensburg Community School Corporation.

Court_ Schools’ hair cut policy is gender discrimination » News » Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN.

Hood v. Department of Children and Families et al. (USA)

ron hood

Ron Hood is a child rapist who also consumes child porn. He identifies as a woman named Erika. He is currently housed at the Florida Civil Commitment Center as a sexually violent predator. He filed a lawsuit against the Florida Department of Children and Families for failing to have a policy to help transgender inmates like him. He also claimed he has the right to choose the clothing he should wear  while confined and that the facility is constitutionally obligated to purchase all the clothing and “feminine” products he requests. The court rejected the claim that Hood has a right to “women’s clothing,” but allowed his lawsuit for failure to have a “transgender policy” to proceed. While housed at the Florida Civil Commitment Center, Hood was able to download and view child porn.

Hood v. Department of Children and Families et al.

Kosilek v. Spencer (USA)

article_inset_penn_4The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit have voted to withdraw its opinion in Kosilek v. Spencer because a majority of the active judges having voted to rehear the case en banc.  Amici are welcome to file amicus briefs by March 14, 2014, also not to exceed 25 pages per brief, on the same schedule, but must seek prior leave of court.

Robert Kosilek murdered his wife, and has fought a battle to obtain a sex change operation while incarcerated for her murder.  Gay and Lesbian Organizations like Equality Maine, Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, Human Rights Campaign, MassEquality, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force have taken up the cause of a murdering heterosexual male, thus demonstrating the mission drift of these organizations and their men’s rights agenda.

Sex Change for Prison Inmate Michelle Kosilek_ Should We Pay_ _ New Republic.

En Banc Hearing Granted.

Maryland (USA)

The Fairness for All Marylanders Act, SB 212, made it out of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee with an 8-3 vote. Three amendments were added to the bill during the committee voting session. The first amendment adds “gender identity” to existing law that exempts religious employers from complying with the law for “work connected with the carrying on by such religious corporations, association, educational institution or society of its activities.” Current law allows this exemption for the categories of sexual orientation and religion; this amendment adds “gender identity” to the list.

oneThe second amendment carves out an exception for facilities that presumably would include locker rooms. If a facility wanted to be exempt from complying with the law they would be required to provide equivalent private space for transgender individuals.

The third amendment deleted the definition of gender identity in the bill and inserted the definition from the 2011 (amended bill) and 2012 bill.


SB 212.

Virginia (USA)

The Virginia High School League announced that it would allow transgender student-athletes to compete on teams opposite of their birth gender, provided their sex-reassignment surgery has minimized “gender-related advantages in sports competition.”  The surgery involves the removal of external sex organs and ovaries or testes and hormonal therapy. The Virginia High School League reviewed policies from the 18 states that have guidelines involving transgender athletes and settled on the physiological standards, said Ken Tilley, the executive director.

“We felt that would fit best with us, and we were most comfortable with that position,” he said.

Va. transgender sports policy called too narrow.