David-Elijah Nahmod is a Men’s Rights Activist in San Francisco, California who writes for the Gay Men’s publication, South Florida Gay News. He recently penned a “news article” on the unsuccessful attempt of other Men’s Rights Activists to have Gender Identity Watch monitored as a hate group.  In his “news article,” he relied on RationalWiki as a reliable source, along with his own “hurt feelings” about an unsubstantiated Facebook encounter with Cathy Brennan. He also relies on Cristan Williams, a well-know MRA. Despite his claims, Nahmod made no effort to reach Brennan or anyone else for “comment.”

Nahmod is the same “reporter” who harassed an Arizona couple in 2008.  A court ordered Nahmod to stop doing “anything that encourages others to harass” the couple, including posting information about them on the Internet. Nahmod wrote extensively about the couple at several websites. Nahmod claimed that the couple “brainwashed” his ex-boyfriend into leaving him.  It is entirely likely that his boyfriend – who described Nahmod as “delusional” – “left him” because the delusional behavior Nahmod exhibited.

Jason Parsley, Associate Publisher of the South Florida Gays News, wrote this after Brennan called him to advise him that his reporter made no attempt to contact her.

hjIn print, Parsley expressed no opinion about the clear journalistic ethics breach in allowing a man who had an unpleasant online encounter with the subject of his “reporting” to write this “article” in the first instance.

Cathy Brennan is IMPOSSIBLE to find.
Cathy Brennan is IMPOSSIBLE to find.

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