Fairness for All Marylanders (Except Women) Act (USA)

Rich Madaleno

Montgomery County Senator Richard Madaleno has again introduced a gender Identity bill that eviscerates protections for Women and Girls in sex-segregated facilities.  Senate Bill 212, the erroneously-named Fairness for All Marylanders Act. The bill has an over broad definition of gender identity and has no language recognizing that Women and Girls have every right to privacy in sex-segregated facilities. The Baltimore Sun recently endorsed S.B. 212 in an editorial, calling it “Chrissy’s Law” after Chrissy Polis, who was famously beaten in a Rosedale McDonald’s in 2011.

Senate Bill 212, which has a hearing on February 4 at 1:00 p.m. in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, is also sponsored by Senators Jamie Raskin, Jenny Forehand, Brian Frosh, Lisa Gladdenand Bobby Zirkin, all of whom sit on JPR. The bill needs 6 votes to be voted out of JPR. If it obtains 6 votes, it will be approved by the full Senate and the House, which approved a similar measure, H.B. 235, in 2011.  Governor Martin O’Malley has said he will sign the law if it passes. O’Malley signed a similar bill in 2002 when he was Baltimore City’s mayor.

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  1. When females were entering “male” jobs, access to segregated toilets were a major battle which took years and is still not a fact at several worksites. We need to find those old news stories about women’s rights to access segregated toilets and redistribute them. Segregated toilets are a work-related issue that women have need to gain safe access to work places.

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