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ShoutOut is a Men’s Right’s radio show in Bristol in the United Kingdom. It sponsors “Listeners’ Awards” in which listeners can vote for Bigot of the Year. This year, these MRAs have nominated Dr. Janice Raymond, one of the world’s most formost feminist scholars, as “Bigot of the Year.” Dr. Raymond has done more for Women than any of the Men and Women who work for ShoutOut, pictured above, yet she is a “bigot” because she understands that Men are not Women. Dr. Raymond has been the focus of concerted efforts by MRAs to silence her political speech for years.

Interestingly, Finn McKay, a “feminist campaigner” in the UK, is nominated for “Local Hero of the Year.” Finn has demonstrated her loyalty to Men’s Rights Activism by publicly stating that Women who understand biology exists are bigots.

ShoutOut Listeners’ Awards 2014 _ ShoutOut.