Men’s Rights Activists and TERF is a Slur (Tumblr)

tumblr_inline_myzt97Ylvb1rbdojbMen’s Rights Activists such as Cristan Williams, David Taylor, Wesley Bailey and Daryl Banks continue their relentless assaults on the ability of Women and Girls to discuss issues that impact us. David Taylor in particular has abused Women online for more than a year, ever since he realized that we know he is Male. These MRAs – who are not able to formulate a cogent argument without threatening Women – rely on abusive language to silence Women and Girls. In response, a new Tumblr blog documents how language is used to intimidate Women and Girls from speaking out.

The Tumblr blog, called TERF Is A Slur, shows how MRAs use “social justice” language to demonize Women, Girls (and Men and Transwomen) who understand that sex matters and that gender is oppressive.  The phrase “TERF” is used to refer to anyone who understands that sex is not gender, and men cannot “become women” simply by “identifying as a woman.” Social media like Twitter are particularly useful in spreading such short, woman-hating memes.

TERF is a slur.

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