Jessica (“Randy”) Robin Durling

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 9.19.13 PMJessica Robin Durling is a male who “identifies as” a woman.  He faced suspension from his Nova Scotia high school in April for using the women’s washroom.  Before Durling could serve out the school’s punishment, the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board announced that his suspension would be dropped. The school board also said it will develop new guidelines for schools to address the needs of all students.

Durling also operates a Facebook page from which he accuses lesbians and gay men writing about observable facts as engaging in “hate speech.”

“Jessica” also operates a male Facebook account that connects to a male Facebook page, thus casting further doubt on the veracity of his “woman status.”


School board working on policy for transgender students – Local – Truro Daily News.

Transgender N.S. teen faced suspension for using girls’ washroom | CTV News.

3 thoughts on “Jessica (“Randy”) Robin Durling

  1. I think suspending a male in a place legally meant for females was completely rational and sad the fella’s family called in the media to harass the school board of this school which serves mostly rural and First Nations youth. Thank you for making us aware of this predatory young man.

  2. He just seems like a pornsick freak to me. Obviously male. Can’t pretend to be ‘most oppressedest’ without letting his privilege through.

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