Andrea García-Vargas is a “new media reporter” who recently penned a “news round up” positing that students and parents in Colorado did not complain about a trans student at a high school. She posits, like most mindless queer and liberal media, that the story was fabricated.

García-Vargas apparently did not bother to research and view a news report on the story that featured parents complaining on behalf of their children. Here is the news report:


Facts are often inconvenient, and it is an axiom of queer and liberal reporting that lying works much better.  For example, Jessica Valentine is named in this news report. Apparently, “outing” now means reporting facts previously reported. Indeed, queer “reporters” believe that women have no right to complain about male-bodied people in sex-segregated spaces. She further claims Brennan has sued people for libel, which is also false.

García-Vargas is a liar. She is a new media reporter who lies about basic facts to further a woman-hating agenda.

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