Jessica Lynn (USA)


Jessica Lynn’s ex-wife sued him in Texas in 2012 to terminate Lynn’s parental rights to her 12-year-old son on grounds of emotional abuse and abandonment. In an affidavit filed by Lynn’s ex-wife for a temporary restraining order in Collin County family court, she writes that the child “is not aware of the sex change of his father” and that Lynn’s threat to come to Texas to “exercise visitation” would have an “irreparable” emotional impact and be “dangerous to the mental health and emotional well-being” of their son.

J. Ryan Nordhaus, the attorney representing Lynn’s ex, filed for a gag order about the case, which was issued, preventing the parties from further discussing the matter publicly, according to Lynn’s attorney, John McCall Jr. Collin County Judge Scott Becker ruled in favor of Lynn’s ex-wife, terminating his parental rights on the grounds of abandonment, lack of child support and for being a danger to her child.


Trans woman fights for right to see son.

‘You need to fight’.

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