Aeris Houlihan (UK)

article-2520637-19F9D4F100000578-572_306x472Aeris Houlihan is a man who has undergone hormone replacement therapy for 6 months. He was recently told by the UK Football Association that he could not play on a woman’s sports team. The reason for this is that he is male. Houlihan objects because he has legal documentation that “identifies” him as female, due to the virtually standardless UK Gender Recognition Act of 2004. There is video of him discussing how unjust this is here. Men identifying as women and playing in women’s sports has been a big issue in 2013, with the most notorious example of this being the Fallon Fox case. California recently enacted legislation to preserve the right of boys to play on girls’ sports teams when it passed AB 1266, which decimates the Sex Equity in Education Act, a law that previously guaranteed equal participation in sex-segregated activities for girls.

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