The Block Bot and Doug McDonald (USA)

The Block Bot is an online tool developed by Men’s Rights Activists to harass feminists on social media. One of the administrators of the Block Bot is Doug McDonald, a man who regularly harasses Women on social media and who also uses his social media account to profess his approval of child sexual exploitation.

Doug believes that stereotypes of how a Woman speaks make him a Woman. In this video, he speaks “like a Man.”

In this video, he speaks “like a Woman,” as envisioned by a porn sick Man who believes age of consent laws should be lowered.

Doug is typical of many Men who have embraced transgenderism and “gender queerness” as a way to distinguish themselves from other Men.

3 thoughts on “The Block Bot and Doug McDonald (USA)”

  1. At least they act so stupid they practically mock themselves. I encourage these dudes to find a hobby that does not infringe on the rights of a globally oppressed class. Usually I can not laugh at them because it is so insulting but I actually laughed at this fella. Ugh…

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