New York State (USA)

Transgender Rights Activists are pressing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah to overturn a New York State Medicaid regulation that they characterize as “excluding transgender people from accessing care.”   Although they never state this, the regulation they seem to be targeting appears to be 18 N.Y. Code of Rules and Reg. § 505.2, which states: “Gender reassignment. Payment is not available for care, services, drugs,  or supplies rendered for the purpose of gender reassignment (also known as transsexual surgery) or any care, services, drugs, or supplies intended to promote such treatment.”  Activist assertions that trans people are excluded from accessing care are false; rather, these programs do not pay for so-called sex reassignment surgery or hormone replacement therapy.  Instead, New York State has made a determination, like many jurisdictions, that sex reassignments surgeries should not be covered by a public health care program funded with taxpayer dollars.  Although the Obama Transition Team agreed that “many transgender people are denied access to necessary medical care related to gender transition,” to date, federal health care policies have also not covered these “treatments.”

The transgender advocacy around health care is confusing given that the Transgender Agenda posits, with regard to civil rights protections, an overly broad definition of gender identity that allows any Man to “be a Woman” simply by asserting same. Query why a Transgender person needs transgender-specific health care if Transgender Identity only requires a mere assertion of identification with the “opposite sex.”

Petition _ NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and NYS Health Department Commissioner Dr. Nirav Shah_ Stop excluding trans and gender non conforming people from receiving safe and affordable healthcare! _ Change.