Emily LeVan (USA)

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From a news report:

“Emily LeVan said she legally changed her daughter’s name last week from Keaten to Keat to reflect her identification with the female gender (ed. note – her word) and announced the move on Facebook. LeVan said parents of some of Keat’s classmates at Highland Elementary School in Morrow County wrote negative or derogatory messages about her daughter.

‘I am terribly ticked that the parents are allowed to send their boy to school as a girl and put him in this embarrassing situation,’ wrote one parent, and another called her actions child abuse.

The transgender girl said she was teased by other children as she started her transition last year, saying that she was a boy the year before. ‘I said, ‘I was a girl, and it’s none of your business,’’ said 9-year-old Keat.”

The video where Emily LeVan voluntarily puts her child on the television news appears here. In the video, it appears that the “social media harassment” of which LeVan complains consists of people disagreeing with her parenting choices. Contrary to the view of MRAs, people actually have the right to disagree that “liking pink” or “liking Barbie” transforms  a boy into a girl. Indeed, Feminists have fought against sex stereotypes like this for decades. On a related point, GLBT Organizations push legislation to ban sexual orientation change therapy, which forces gay and lesbian youth (who are generally identifiable as such because they are gender nonconforming) to adopt rigid sex stereotypes in order to appear “less gay.”

Gender Identity, rather than dismantle sex stereotypes, instead embraces them as more powerful than sex. Indeed, identification with sex stereotypes are so powerful that they can turn a little boy into a girl, simply because he likes Barbie and sparkly things. Query how it isn’t “sexual orientation change therapy” to make a gender nonconforming child embrace stereotypes associated with the opposite sex (“I like pink”) as a way to make them “become” the opposite sex – thus rendering them gender conforming with their identified sex. On a related point, “progressive” countries like Iran embrace sex reassignment surgery while condemning homosexuality, thus incentivizing gay and lesbian people to “change their sex” as a way to stay alive.

Gender Identity is a conservative ideology. And it is dangerous to tell children that they are bullying another child by correctly identifying that the child was a boy last year.  And it is not inconceivable that it is child abuse to subject your child to this ideology.

Parent Says Her Transgender Child Being Harassed | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio.


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