Sasha Fleischman (USA)

CaptureSasha Fleischman is an 18-year-old man who “identifies as agender.” His skirt was set on fire by a 16-year old boy, Richard Thomas, while Fleischman slept on a bus. Thomas has been criminally charged with assault and a hate crime.  Homophobic violence stems from deviating from sex stereotypes, as Sasha did when he wore a skirt. However, identifying as “neither male or female” does not make Sasha “neither male nor female.” He is actually a male who has chosen to wear skirts.  We support men wearing skirts.

Sasha Fleischman_ Teen Lit on Fire Speaks to Reporters About Gender Identity (Video).




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  1. “Police say Thomas told them he started the fire because he’s homophobic, but his attorney argued that it was a prank, not a hate crime. Still, prosecutors have charged Thomas with a hate crime and plan to try him as an adult.”

    He should be tried as an adult and charged with a hate crime. It was an act of senseless violence. I’ve always supported the inclusion of gender non-conforming people in hate crimes legislation along with gay men, lesbians, and racial minorities.

    It’s my understanding that the female sex, as brutalized as it has been for thousands of years, is the only group of systematically marginalized persons who are not included in hate crimes legislation. The savage gang rape of a girl at a Richmond high school should have been classified as a hate crime. She was brutally raped, punched, kicked, dragged, urinated on and otherwise violated by a group of men This girl woke up in a hospital surrounded by medical staff with a neck brace and a catheter. She did not consent to any of this, and she also has physical scars that will last a life time.

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