Hercules High School (USA)

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A fight at Hercules High School last month that involved a transgender student prompted the West Contra Costa Unified School District board to hold a special meeting. The fight, which involved three female students and one 16-year-old transgender student, broke out at Hercules High School on Nov. 15. All four students were suspended after the incident, which, according to Hercules police, started when the transgender student hit a female student in the school’s courtyard. That girl and two others then started fighting the transgender student, Jewelyes Guitierrez. Guitierrez said she tried to get help from the vice principal in the days before the fight, but the administrator didn’t know the extent of the bullying. The school board concluded that it needed a sexual harassment policy to protect students.

Contra Costa County: Hercules High Fight Involving Transgender Student Prompts School District Safety Meeting | NBC Bay Area.


2 thoughts on “Hercules High School (USA)”

  1. Didn’t this all start when he hit a female student? Hercules police said Jewelyes started the fight by throwing the first punch. From there, it escalated. How big is this male student compared to the girls? This individual doesn’t look like a dainty person to me.

    At any rate, it shouldn’t have been allowed to get out of hand. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries.

  2. Why is the media referring to this male student as “she”? THIS IS NOT A FEMALE. ISN’T IT TRUE THAT THIS PERSON STRUCK ONE OF THE GIRLS?

    There has to be a special meeting to discuss the safety of male high school students who are physically large enough to protect themselves from evil teenage girls.

    Female students have been gang raped in California schools not to mention constant sexual harassment experienced by female students, but no one has held a special meeting to discuss their safety.

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