Natalie Reed, Larkin Forestheart, Daryl Banks & Other MRAs (Canada)

mraMen’s Rights Activists plan to undermine a memorial event sponsored by Vancouver Rape Relief to commemorate the murder of 14 Women by Marc Lépine in Montreal, Canada. Those actively working to undermine the event, which features Dr. Janice Raymond, include Natalie Reed, who later claimed to back away from the protest, and Larkin Forestheart, a woman who “identifies” as a man who planned a flashmob event. Further efforts to undermine the event came from El Feministo, a sock puppet account of well-known MRA Daryl Banks, a man who suffers from autogynephilia and calls himself Sophia. Banks apparently thinks “feminist activism” means working to undermine an organisation that provides support services to Women traumatized by male violence.

In other news, hundreds of feminists and pro-feminist men have publicly support VRR and Dr. Raymond, including this statement from the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF).


Memorial draws controversy over invitation of speaker Janice Raymond _ rabble.

Larkin Feral ForestHeart.

El Feministo Friends.

Here MRAs Natalie Reed and Daryl Banks plot to destroy VRR

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  1. “For 45 minutes on Dec. 6, 1989 an enraged gunman roamed the corridors of Montreal’s École Polytechnique and killed 14 women. Marc Lepine, 25, separated the men from the women and before opening fire on the classroom of female engineering students he screamed, “I hate feminists.”

    Professor Raymond is only one of several distinguished speakers at the memorial held by Vancouver Rape Relief. She will be speaking on prostitution. Raymond served as the co-executive director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, International (CATW), a nongovernmental organization in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

    Below is a video of Professor Raymond stating unequivocally that she opposes the trafficking and prostitution of any group of people, women, men, children, and transsexuals. I’m assuming that this video is real.

    I think this goes deeper than just Professor Raymond. People need some background information. Some transgender activists just won’t let the Kimberley Nixon case go, and this is still eating at them.

    Chronology of events in Kimberly Nixon vs Vancouver Rape Relief Society

    Why would anyone want to dishonor the memory of the women who were victims of a brutal hate crime?

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