CaptureOwen Smith is a former organizer with Equality Maryland. He now works at Equality Utah. Owen currently identifies as a transman and recently gave an interview to HuffPost Live in which he claimed he was attacked in 2002 “for being transgender.” However, in 2002, Owen went by his original name and identified as gender nonconforming.  The assault Owen suffered is similar to the kind of violence experienced by gender nonconforming Women around the world every day and is not unique to his transgender status. The reaction to the assault, including hyper-awareness of how others perceive you in public space, is also extremely common among those of us who are gender nonconforming Women, as we have experienced similar violence. This, ironically, is why many Women seek Women-only space.


For these women, drag is not just a guy thing – Baltimore Sun.

Owen Smith Says He Was Beaten In 2002 Attack For Being Transgender.