Trinity Aodh Melody Hensley M. A. Melby Veronica K. Berglyd Olsen Kim Rippere Mary Ellen Sikes Dana Lane Taylor

Men’s Rights Activists, including Trinity AodhMelody HensleyM. A. Melby (also known as Marian Elaine Melby Aanerud), Veronica K. Berglyd OlsenKim RippereMary Ellen Sikes and Dana Lane Taylor, have started yet another petition to ask the Southern Poverty Law Center to declare a website run by a handful of volunteers (to discuss how gender identity as a legal concept is erasing the category of “Woman” and is making it impossible for Women to organize as and with Women) a “hate group.” Taylor, best known for harassing lesbian feminist Cathy Brennan about her rape, is also well-known for creating multiple sock puppet accounts to harass all Women who know he is Male.

Calling political speech that does not toe the liberal line “hate speech” is a common tactic of Queer and Liberal organizations. Rather than free and open debate, such MRAs want you to embrace thought-terminating cliches like  “Transwomen are Women.” These MRAs – who are invariably White Males who “identify” as Women or heterosexual “Queer” Women who have no investment in Lesbian community – continually harass the Southern Poverty Law Center, which actually has its hands full tracking racist hate groups across the country.

Petition | Southern Poverty Law Center: Monitor Gender Identity Watch as a Hate Group |

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