A fight at Hercules High School has drawn attention after it was learned that one of the students involved identifies as transgender. Sgt. Ruben Rodriguez with the Hercules Police Department said the altercation, between four 16-year-old students, began around 1:42 p.m. when a male student punched a girl for unknown reasons. Two other girls then intervened and the boy threw one of them on the ground, Rodriguez added. Before campus security came in to break up the fight, one of the girls punched the boy. Two of the teens had minor scratches and a third complained of pain to her wrist. Rodriguez said two of the female students indicated they wanted to press charges for battery, and the boy wanted to do the same against the girl who punched him.

Transgender activists have seized on this as an example of anti-trans violence. However, the male student initiated physical contact. Students at the high school seem similarly unimpressed with the “anti-trans” violence angle on Twitter.

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