Pretendbians was a blog created in the Spring of 2012 in direct response to the rape culture concept of the Cotton Ceiling. The Cotton Ceiling – developed by transsexual porn star Drew Deveaux – posits that Lesbians are bigots for not consider transwomen as sexual partners.

The blog had been inactive for some time and was moved the blog to a non-Wordpress server for herstory. In November 2013, Transwomen launched a DDOS attack against the blog and its server, knocking it offline. Transgender women then claimed that WordPress suspended the blog. That was a lie as Pretendbians was not on WordPress at the time of the attack. It is likely that Anonymous launched the DDOS attack. The entire contents of the blog appear in the PDF below.  Feel free to download it and read at your leisure.

Pretendbians_ Exactly Like Lesbians, Except Not _ We don’t hate you, we hate appropriation.