Jeydon Loredo is a graduating senior at La Feria High School in La Feria, Texas. Jeydon was born female but identifies as male. Jeydon wanted to wear a tuxedo for his high school photo, but the school declined. This is a clear violation of laws banning sex discrimination as well as an example of why gendered clothing standards are bad for girls and boys. The Loredo case echoes the Ceara Sturgis case, in which Sturgis – who did not identify as male and is female and a lesbian – chose to wear a tuxedo for her senior yearbook photo, rather than the drape typically reserved for girls. Her school, Wesson Attendance Center, responded by excluding her entirely from the senior portrait section of the yearbook. In November 2011, after the court denied defendants’ motion to dismiss, the Wesson Attendance Center settled the case and added Ceara’s photo (in a tuxedo) to the wall of senior photos at the school.  The school also agreed to change its policy for senior photos to have all students photographed wearing graduation robes and to amend its anti-discrimination policy to add language affirming its commitment to following the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution. We expect (and hope for) a similar result in the Loredo case.


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