Men who believe they are Women and their Manarchist brothers have created a faux “biographical” entry on the Manarchist Website Rational Wiki to trash Lesbian Feminist Cathy Brennan. Among other things, the Manarchists criticise Brennan for reporting a man who harassed her about her rape to his employers. Manarchists further believe that transgender people should be allowed to harass other survivors of rape. Indeed, Manarchists also believe that transgender “women” should have the unfettered right to threaten Women and Transgender Women who disagree with the assertion that penis is female. Some of the Men who refer to the Rational Wiki entry approvingly include Cristan Williams, Christopher Makin, David Taylor (who is the man who harassed Brennan on social media over the fact that Brennan was raped), and Wesley Bailey, all of whom are “transwomen.”

The Manarchists further believe Brennan was “out of line” for calling law enforcement to inform them about Men and Women who actively promoted child rape, thus demonstrating how fringe the Rational Wiki website is. Outside of pedophile, transgender and queer circles, child rape is generally viewed as morally repugnant.

The Rational Wiki entry also accused Brennan of “violating doctor-patient” confidentiality, failing to note that (1) Brennan is not a doctor and (2) has no patients. Doctor-patient confidentiality exists between a doctor and her patient. Here, the “patient,” a violent man named Emily Horsman, violated his own “confidentiality” by posting the name of his doctor on his Twitter feed. He further “violated his confidentiality” by posting the email Brennan sent to his doctor after Horsman harassed Brennan across several social media platforms for her refusal to state that Horsman is female. Brennan has the gall to believe that Men do not have the right to endlessly harass Women. She also believes that doctors who treat Transwomen have a duty to society at large to ensure that their patients do not engage in harassment of others, as harassing actual Women is not part of the transgender “real life test” of “living as a woman.” Harassing Women across social media platforms seems to be a common tactic of “transgender activists” who cannot take no for an answer, as evidenced by earlier examples such as Ethan McCargar, a “transwoman” living in Nashville who refused to leave Brennan alone after repeated requests to cease contact.

The Rational Wiki blog post is recycled endlessly in unthinking “trans ally” blogs like the one reported here. Interestingly, the Rational Wiki entry cites – but does not link to – a letter Brennan co-authored regarding gender identity laws. That is because if they did, they could not lie about it so convincingly, as the letter does not advocate for denial of trans civil rights. Rather, the letter proposes an objective definition of gender identity.


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