Cassandra Goodwin @anwyn @LOTLmagazine (Australia)

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 7.27.54 AMThe Reluctant Femme is a blog of a heterosexual Australian woman named Cassandra Goodwin, who also blogs for LOTL Magazine. She recently penned a blog post that contained numerous unverified claims about a lesbian feminist activist, thus demonstrating, in the tradition of Tina Vasquez and Laurie Penny, that third wave feminists have no ethics when it comes to advancing their anti-woman, homophobic agenda.

Queer means heterosexual dating a man. Don't question it.
Queer means heterosexual dating a man. Don’t question it.

Reluctant Femme_ It’s Time To Squash The Bug.

"Recovering Tomboy?"? Oh, hi, homophobia.
“Recovering Tomboy?”? Oh, hi, homophobia.

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  1. This is probably the same person who laughed at Fox news reporters for quoting a satire site, reporting their article as real news. The fact that these people and their editors are OK with writing unverified stories and flat out fiction is really troubling.

    Does anyone speak the truth anymore?

  2. The OP requests commenters refrain from saying anything that might be construed as a threat of violence because of your being litigious. Presumably they threaten violence to the non-litigious, with impunity.

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