Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 8.54.23 PMTina Vasquez, a freelancer writer for Bitch Magazine, has publicly used extremely biased language about Cathy Brennan, a lesbian activist, while at the same time posing as an independent journalist.

Without disclosing her extreme bias towards Brennan, Vasquez solicited Brennan for an “interview” in order to discuss allegations that Brennan harassed transwomen. In reality, Brennan has been repeatedly attacked by the transwomen for whom Vasquez advocates, including Dana Lane Taylor, Emily Horsman and Cristan Williams.

This is an ongoing problem with New Media in which “journalists” act as both advocate and “independent reporter.” This issue arose most recently with Laurie Penny, who engaged in similar unethical conduct.

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iCloud Mail – Re_ Bitch Media Interview Request.