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Tina StowellTransgender activists like Sarah Brown and Natacha Kennedy are upset that PinkNews gave a Politician of the Year award to Tina Stowell, Baroness Stowell of Beeston. Baroness Stowell, who championed marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples in the UK, is allegedly “transphobic” because the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill amended the Gender Recognition Act 2004 such that if a married person wishes to transition and gain their full Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC), they must gain the consent of their spouse for the marriage to continue.

Trans advocates argued that this “effectively gives a huge amount of control over the issuing of the full GRC to the spouse,” with no regard for the infringement on the rights of the spouse being coercively stuck in a same-sex marriage. Given that there are more Males who transition to “Female” than the opposite, Baroness Stowell’s refusal to bow to transgender demands to “drop the spousal veto” offers protection to Women. The spousal veto puts the burden on men who seek to become transwomen to initiate a divorce. The spousal veto also serves as a reminder to men not to marry women if they plan to transition. Finally, without the veto, the wife could be sued for divorce if she refused to have “lesbian sex” with her husband-turned-wife, on the grounds of “unreasonable behavior” of denying sex to her “wife.”

We support Baroness Stowell’s refusal to disregard the rights on nontransitioning spouses.

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