Clarity Haynes @clarityhaynes #wishesforBrennan (USA)



#wishesforBrennan is a Twitter hashtag started by homophobe Clarity Haynes, a so-called feminist artist and a lesbian who apparently dislikes that other Lesbians know transwomen are men.

Twitter _ Search – #wishesforBrennan.

wishesforbrennan – Twitter Search

One thought on “Clarity Haynes @clarityhaynes #wishesforBrennan (USA)

  1. So much hate. Just because Cathy Brennan is an intelligent and vocal woman. She is not quiet. She does not bury her intellect. She does not comply with femininity and male supremacy social dictates. So much hate. So much mindless, fearful hate. Where do they learn this? Who teaches them this hate? Who rewards their hate? And why?

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