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1173772_10151740010233369_2143491416_nIn July 2013, transgender activists “gloated” that Radical Feminists were “terrible bigots” and held Pat Robertson out as a model of acceptance for saying that he has no issue with individuals who obtain sex change surgery.

It was not shocking that Pat Robertson spoke approvingly of transsexual people. Pat Robertson, like transgender ideologues, believes that gender is innate. This is not a progressive notion. This is the same notion that has been used, for example, to maintain systems of oppression against all Women and People of Color (e.g., Charles Murray and the Bell Curve). Pat Robertson likely views transsexual surgery as a cure for homosexuality, much like Iran does.

Transgender ideologues believe that they invented gender nonconformity and are “smashing patriarchy” by “subverting gender” – all they have done, in actuality, is reify Gender as an innate state subject to an individual’s self-expression rather than identify Gender as an external hierarchy that oppresses Women. They have perfected homophobia and misogyny, presented in a Queer new package.

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In October 2013, those same transgender activists who embraced Pat Roberston now back away from their “ally,” as he expressed disgust for transgender people, who are predominantly males who do nothing to “change their sex.” Robertson views these people as deviants – much like he views homosexuals.

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Pat Robertson and transgender activists are both wrong.

Brilliant illustration by Fact Check Me of Femonade that is relevant here.