This is a girl.
This is a girl.

A conservative family is defending their decision to start sex change treatment for their seven-year-old girl. Her parent’s say it is a biological mistake and they are already raising her as a boy.

“He’s actually a boy that was born in a girl’s body,” said Kayla Bee, the child’s mother.

ONE News has chosen not to identify the child. For the past year she has been publicly living the life of a boy, who ONE News called “Jason.”

But it is a strategy that concerns New Zealand’s first openly transgender woman MP, Georgina Beyer.

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Georgina Beyer

“My fears are that this child may have some medical intervention put upon them at a time when they have little to do in the decision making,” Ms. Beyer said.

Ms Beyer says a seven-year-old is far too young to know what is best.

“I have of heard stories from people in the inter-sex community who wished that they hadn’t been re-assigned their gender at birth when they had no control whatsoever.”

Andy Guy
Andy Guy

A transgender activist, Andy Guy, is praising their stand.

“I think this family is doing a very good job to support their child in an environment that is going to challenge them immensely,” he said.


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