East Mississauga Community Health Centre (Canada)

The East Mississauga Community Health Centre refuses to take responsibility for documented abuse by one of its patients. Instead, the Centre is more concerned with not misgendering a person, Emily Horsman, who has engaged in repeated online harassment of women on social media.

— Hi Louie and [redacted], The email below was received at the [redacted] – Pastebin.

One thought on “East Mississauga Community Health Centre (Canada)”

  1. I see this as evidence of one of the more alarming trends in the rush by the psycho-medical community to push transition on people. It is well documented that the vast majority of transgender patients have multiple mental health issues, most of them in an advanced, or severe, stage. I cannot believe that a licensed medical center would ignore this obvious anti-social behavior and carry on as if there was no reason to further evaluate this patient.

    There are ethical and social issues which the “Transsexual Empire”, who are profiting from treating people unhappy with the impact which patriarchal gender roles are having on their lives, have not yet addressed. Foremost among these is the impact on the existing female population, as medical practitioners are assisting with the assimilation of an obviously violent and misogynistic male into society as a rebranded “woman”. Specifically, turning him loose in spaces intended for the protection and liberation of the oppressed female class.

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