For the first time since transgender activists started pushing anti-feminist “protections” for “gender identity” in anti-discrimination codes, an elected official has publicly stated that she would like to see such laws used to render radical feminist speech unlawful.

According to the Toronto Star, Toronto MPP Cheri DiNovo “took people’s complaints to the Ontario Human Rights Commission. An OHRC spokesperson told The Star they would be “monitoring” the situation, but DiNovo said she was told they couldn’t give a definitive legal answer since the commission is still in the process of redefining its policy on gender identity.”

“Whether it’s legal or illegal, it’s still reprehensible,” she said. “I’m hoping that now under Toby’s law, this will be considered illegal.”

Anyone concerned about political speech should be very concerned that an elected official would make it illegal for Women to know that which oppresses us.

We also note that DiNovo said NOTHING when transwomen and male activists held a conference in Toronto that specifically excluded females. The Cotton Ceiling workshop gave males tips on how to get lesbians to have sex with them.


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