Norington v. Mitcheff (Indiana, USA)

Lakesha Norington, also known as Shawntrell Marcel Norington, is in a men’s prison for murdering an HIV-positive man.  Norington sued prison officials in Indiana, claiming that he was denied adequate medical care for gender identity disorder (“GID”) in violation of the Eighth Amendment. The court granted the defendant’s motion for summary judgment, ending the lawsuit.  The court noted that medical officials concluded that Norington did not have GID.  Rather, Norington’s “wish for sex-reassignment surgery was driven more by attention seeking and secondary gain rather than distress related to his biological assignment.”

Norington established that he wanted hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery, and was persistent in his request for this treatment over the course of several years. The court concluded that his desire for this treatment, standing alone, does not mean that the United States Constitution entitled him to it.

Norington Decision

Norington’s Prison Record.

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