Vancouver Women’s Library (Canada)

A group of “anti-feminist protesters” disrupted the official launch of the Vancouver Women’s Library, according to the Guerrilla Feminist  Collective.  “The protesters held signs and shouted at people entering the space. They poured wine over the books. They smoked inside when asked not to. They pulled the fire alarm. Some of them tried to bar then pushed women entering the space. As far as we saw, men were left alone to come and go as they pleased.”  The protesters “shamed and blamed” women for calling the police (who were called due to concerns for the safety of the library patrons and fear of further destruction of library property), harassed and complained about the library’s founders, and demanded that the library remove certain books from the collection.

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Cathy Brennan is a Fake Goth (Internet)

Cathy Brennan is a Fake Goth” is a meme circulating the internet since early 2016.  According to this article, published in April 2016, “on her Twitter, she has “goth” in her bio. From what I understand, at some point someone said she was a fake goth, most likely in response to Brennan’s stance that trans women are fake women.”
Since then, internet users who don’t know Brennan, but who disagree with some things she’s said online, have regurgitated this meme hundreds of times.  People have updated their Facebook statuses, posted the meme to Twitter, reblogged it on Tumblr, and shared it elsewhere on the internet.  Several especially dedicated individuals have employed their subpar photo editing skills to create sharable graphics, and one even created a Twitter account for the sole purpose of perpetuating this meme.

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Cathy Brennan’s 911 call in response to trans stalking and harassment (USA)

Here is the 911 call made to the Olympia Police Department in response to transgender stalking and harassment.




Kimya Dawson @mrskimyadawson (USA)

15826838_10155202944723132_4804468997222170194_nKimya Dawson is an anti-lesbian musician with ties to Olympia, Washington. Dawson recently engaged in online harassment of Cathy Brennan in connection with anti-lesbian bashing that occurred in Olympia, Washington as described in this video.

When Dawson was confronted by Brennan over her harassing comments, Dawson said she did not intend to threaten Brennan.

In a 180-reversal, Dawson subsequently authored a blog post in which she pledges allegiance to men’s rights activists and disavows lesbians. You can read this screed here – hello-is-it-me-youre-looking-for_-%e2%80%a2-well-a-thing-happened-where-i-was-targeted-online



Trans Activists Stalk & Harass Cathy Brennan in Olympia, WA (USA)

In 2017, trans activism means organizing / participating in activities intended to intimidate and threaten lesbians who refuse to repeat the lie that transwomen are women and therefore can be lesbians.


Chelsea (Bradley) Manning (USA)


President Obama commuted (all but four months of) the remainder of Bradley (who identifies as a woman named Chelsea) Manning’s 35-year prison sentence.  Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst, was convicted of “stealing and disseminating 750,000 pages of documents and videos to WikiLeaks” in 2010.  Under the terms of the commutation announced by the Obama Administration, Manning is set to be released on May 17, 2017.

Obama Commutes Sentence of Chelsea Manning — CNN

Chelsea Manning to Be Released Early as Obama Commutes Sentence

Bradley Manning (USA) — GIW

Chelsea (Bradley) Manning (USA) — GIW