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#holidayhandup (Twitter)

by on December 25, 2013

Patti_Shaw#holidayhandup is a Twitter hashtag started by Voz, a misogynist who has trolled Women online for many years. Voz seems unaware of groups that do provide the services he speaks of, specifically This is HOW, run by another misogynist, Toni D’Orsay, and Casa Ruby, a well-regarded group in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Kortney Ziegler complained that the  #holidayhandup hashtag was started by a person (Voz) who has harassed and been racist towards transmen; however, his concerns were dismissed.

This is an example of how Twittersectionality works – for the benefit, as always, of Men.

derp acute



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  1. blackmetalvalkyrie permalink

    transfeminine! haha!

  2. blackmetalvalkyrie permalink

    yes let us feed them them some biology 101! I know there may be a lot of twanzphobic words in there so we will have to feed them in small bites.

  3. ‘twittersectionality’: LMAO

    and interesting ‘action’, considering a large portion of white agp trans*women are coming from high salaried IT or military careers. The trans*women who are poor and disenfranchised tend to be POC and often sex workers. So… white male entitlement ‘identifying as’ women, usurping the experience of POC for their purposes, particularly financial gain. SSDD

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