Fallon Fox @FallonFox @ufc (USA)


That’s Tamikka Brents’ blood.

Fallon Fox is a Man who identifies as a Woman.  He recently assaulted Tammika Brents, giving her a concussion and shattering her left orbital bone. But for the fact that this occurred in a state-sanctioned mixed martial arts match, this act would be a crime under Illinois law, which criminalizes aggravated battery.  Aggravated battery is knowingly causing “great bodily harm or permanent disability or disfigurement.” Continue reading

Elonis v. United States (USA)


Anthony Elonis

Anthony Elonis is a man who threatened numerous people, including his ex-wife, on social media, including Facebook. Elonis was charged and convicted under federal law with transmitting in interstate commerce a communication containing a threat to injure the person of another. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit affirmed his conviction.  He is now appealing his conviction to the United States Supreme Court, claiming that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone and that the federal law violates his constitutional rights.

Transgender activists regularly use social media to threaten to rape and kill Women who disagree with their ideology.  We hope they take note of this litigation.

Is A Threat On Facebook Real_ Supreme Court Will Weigh In _ All Tech Considered _ NPR.



Culpepper v. Shwedo (USA)


A 16-year-old gender non-conforming boy and his mom sued the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles for sex discrimination. When he attempted to get his first driver’s license, Chase Culpepper was told by the DMV that he could not take his license photo unless he removed the makeup that he wears on a regular basis.

We hope Culpepper prevails, as prohibiting males to wear make up is based on the sexist stereotype that only females wear make up.

TLDEF_ TLDEF Files Federal Lawsuit against South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles on Behalf of Gender Non-conforming Teen who was Forced to Remove Makeup for His Driver’s License Photo.

Culpepper v. Shwedo.

State v. Eisha Love #FreeEisha (USA)


Eisha Love is a transwoman charged with attempted murder in Chicago after defending herself from an attack by Men. Male violence is a plague that negatively impacts both Women and Transwomen. You can sign a petition in support of Eisha here.

Trans_ woman claims self-defense in case – 844 – Gay Lesbian Bi Trans News Archive – Windy City Times.

Petition _ Free Eisha Love, Transwoman Facing Attempted Murder Charges for Self-Defense from Hate Crime #FreeEisha _ Change.

Michigan & Sam Singh @singhsam94 (USA)

CaptureMichigan State Representative Sam Singh has introduced legislation in Michigan that would codify sex stereotypes under the guise of protecting “gender nonconforming” people.  The legislation, which ostensibly bans discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, defines “gender identity” as “HAVING OR BEING PERCEIVED AS HAVING A GENDER-RELATED SELF-IDENTITY OR EXPRESSION WHETHER OR NOT ASSOCIATED WITH AN INDIVIDUAL’S ASSIGNED SEX AT BIRTH.”

This is the very definition of sex stereotyping, and is harmful to Women. We understand Singh is motivated by a desire to curtail discrimination, a desire we support, but such desire should not come at the expense of Women, who have fought for years to demonstrate that sex stereotypes are not in fact innate. This issue is discussed in more detail in a 2011 submission to the United Nations.

S Swapna (India)

The Madras, India high court bench directed the authorities to change the name in a man’s school final marksheet to his present “woman” identity.  Allowing a petition by S Swapna, Justice K K Sasidharan quashed the proceedings of joint director of examinations (personnel) by which hisrequest was turned down on the ground there was no procedure prescribed in relevant rules.

The judge directed the petitioner to file a fresh application and directed the joint director to consider the same and issue marksheets with his new name. His troubles began in 2011 when she became a transgender and changed his name to Swapna from Nazer. Though he got his name changed in the college and degree certificates, his inability to do so in the school certificate cost him a job after he cleared his Group IV examinations for clerical posts in government service in 2012.

HC directs change of name in certificates of transgender – The Times of India.

Parker “Chad” Molloy @hellogiggles @redeyechicago @nytimes @rollingstone @slate @thedailybeast (USA)


Parker “Chad” Molloy is a heterosexual man who identifies as a lesbian. Here, he betrays his male privilege, as Chad understands that under Bro Code, only actual Women, who don’t have and never had penises, should be sexually harassed on the street.

Molloy is a hot commodity right now because liberal media outlets can pretend they embrace diversity while still propping up white male power.