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Lynch v. Lewis (USA)

A federal court in Georgia denied a request for reconsideration of a lawsuit by Christopher Lynch, a convicted child sex offender who claims he was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment because the prison system did not treat his gender dysphoria in the manner he would like.

Lynch v. Lewis.

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Parker Molloy, Allison Woolbert & Trans Violence Tracking Portal (USA)

kelsieSeveral abusive Men, including Alison Woolbert and Dana Lane Taylor, have issued an “advisory” against Parker “Chad” Molloy, a heterosexual Man who recently came under fire for telling another Man, Kelsie Jones, to “drink bleach.”

For his abuse of another Man, Molloy reports that The Advocate, a formerly Gay publication that regularly publishes Molloy’s homophobic and misogynistic views, suspended him without pay for a month.


Completely lost in this conversation is that these same Men are abusive to Women on a regular basis because Women say things like “Penis is male” and “Transwomen are men.” These Men have done a tremendous job of convincing hapless GLBTQ People that statements about biological reality constitute “violence.”

Statements of truth are not violent, no matter how much truth hurts Male feelings. Read more…

Barbra “Babs” Siperstein AKA Barry Siperstein @Babscs @TheDemocrats (USA)


Babs Siperstein is a man formerly called Barry who identifies as a woman who was elected as a member of the Democratic National Committee’s Executive Committee in 2011. Siperstein recently penned an anti-gay, anti-woman post that makes clear that the Democratic Party has abandoned both Women and Gay people in favor of a transgender ideology that places White Men in positions of power – again.  Barry “came out” as a Woman in 2007.

We encourage readers who are members of the Democratic Party to ask party leaders when it was decided that Women must support a woman-hating, rape culture ideology that tells Women we are not entitled to set boundaries or advocate for issues that impact us as Women.



DNC Exec Committee Elects First Trans Member _ Advocate.

Into the Woods With TERFs All Enraged _ Transgender Forum.

A new Hebrew name, a new identity _ New Jersey Jewish News.

Jeffreys on the ‘degendering’ of women’s spaces

Originally posted on twanzphobic since forever:


Professor Sheila Jeffreys has penned a most comprehensive article for the Women’s Studies International Forum on the ‘degendering’ of women’s spaces. A PDF of the article is available from Professor Jeffreys’ website.

View original 847 more words

U.S. v. Patton (USA)


Robert Paul Patton, the 44-year-old publisher of LGBTQ blog, was sentenced to two years in prison in 2013 after pleading no contest to the attempted first-degree sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy.  From the court case affirming his conviction:

The affidavit states MG told Detective Andler that he and DG were at Patton’s house during the summer of 2011, and they dressed up as women. According to MG, DG asked if they could spend the night there and they did, with DG and Patton staying alone in Patton’s bedroom.

Patton notes the affidavit failed to explain that DG, MG, Jonny, and Angelica dressed in women’s clothes at Patton’s house that night because they planned to go to the Escape nightclub dressed in drag and decided to use Patton’s house as a place to get ready. Patton dropped them off at the club. Patton contends the omission of this information allows the inaccurate inference that Patton encouraged them to dress that way and that they stayed at his house the entire evening.

The government contends the affidavit does not invite the inferences Patton suggests, but only recounts statements DG, MG, Jonny, and Angelica made about dressing in drag. The government suggests the important fact is that DG spent the night with Patton, in his bed, where Patton sexually abused DG.

I agree with the government. The reason the group dressed  [*11] in women’s clothing and the fact that the group spent part of the evening at the nightclub are not material to the probable cause determination. The material fact is that DG and Patton spent the night alone in Patton’s bedroom. Omitting the other information was not an error.


Detective Goodwin states in the affidavit she learned from reading the CARES NW interview report that on October 17, 2011, DG told Dr. Lippert that Patton took pictures of DG while DG was asleep and DG had recently learned Patton was a pornographer. DG said he was clothed when he posed for Patton but he was concerned “there might be picture [sic] of him that other people were viewing on the intranet [sic].” Ex. Q, at 5.

Patton argues DG did not visit CARES NW until October 26, nine days later than reported by Detective Goodwin, and did not make the statements until November 22, 2011, during his third CARES  [*18] NW visit. In conjunction with the affidavit’s statement that Detective Andler did not learn Patton’s criminal history until October 26, Patton argues the incorrect date of DG’s statements at CARES NW falsely informs the magistrate DG became aware on his own that Patton was a pornographer and offered the information to the CARES NW examiner without prompting. Patton contends the correct date indicates Detective Andler or another investigator informed DG of Patton’s prior criminal history and directed the CARES NW examiner to question DG about pornography. Patton notes DG stated several times that Patton only took pictures of him and his friends dressed in women’s clothing. Patton suggests DG did not become concerned about any other photographs until Detective Andler informed him of Patton’s criminal history and questioned him about any photographs without clothing. Patton claims there are no facts suggesting another source from which DG could have learned about Patton’s criminal history.


Patton argues the warrant was overbroad in authorizing the search and seizure of digital cameras or photographs of DG because those items lacked the required nexus to the underlying facts. The affidavit states that a photograph  [*41] of DG, MG, Jonny, and Angelica standing in a kitchen while dressed in women’s clothing was found on MG’s phone. The group had dressed up at Patton’s home before going to a nightclub. Patton contends the only inference based on this evidence is that MG asked Patton to take a photograph of the group on MG’s cell phone.

I disagree because there are other ways for a photograph to get on a cell phone. For example, Patton could have taken the picture with his own cell phone and texted it to MG’s cell phone. Likewise, the photograph could have been taken with MG’s cell phone and sent to Patton’s cell phone or emailed and stored on his computer. Finding the photograph on any digital device owned by Patton would be evidence of a relationship between Patton and DG. Probable cause existed to look for the photograph, and any others of DG, on any digital devices owned by Patton.

The affidavit states DG reported to a CARES NW interviewer that Patton took pictures of him while DG was asleep and DG posed for Patton to take pictures with DG clothed. Patton contends this is not evidence he took photographs of DG, but rather that DG was concerned something happened that he was unaware of until after he  [*42] learned from Detective Andler that Patton was a pornographer.

The government notes there is no evidence DG ever said he learned from Detective Andler that Patton was a pornographer and, similarly, no evidence the photos on MG’s phone were the only photos Patton took. According to the government, photos of DG taken by Patton would be important evidence of the crimes of sexual abuse and sodomy, even if the photos are innocent, because they establish a connection between Patton and DG, they corroborate the statements of DG and the other witnesses, and if photos of DG sleeping were seized, they establish he spent the night with Patton.

Patton’s argument is not a fair interpretation of what DG said. Additionally, DG could have learned from MG, Angelica, or Jonny of any photographs Patton took while DG was asleep because the group spent the night together at Patton’s house.

In summary, the warrant was not overbroad in authorizing the search and seizure of digital cameras or photographs.

Fabulous PDX Publisher Rob Patton Sentenced in Child Sex Abuse Case – Proud Queer (PQ Monthly – Daily Online).

State v. Heidelberger (USA)

From a 1984 court case:

David C. Heidelberger was convicted before a jury of two counts of intrafamilial sexual abuse, two counts of kidnapping and of incest. All the charges arose from his forcible rape of a 16-year-old female relative, as a result of which she became pregnant and underwent an abortion.

Heidelberger, 41 years old, lived in a trailer house on 1-1/3 acres of land on the back end of a 40-acre tract. The victim, 16 years old, lived with her mother in the main house on the front part of the tract.

On the Friday preceding the kidnapping and sexual assault, the victim, her sister and the sister’s baby son went to appellant’s trailer house to look at toys and clothes appellant had picked up at work. When they arrived, found him dressed in women’s clothes. Heidelberger begged them to tie him up and spank him. The victim told Heidelberger that he was “crazy, sick” and the sisters and the baby left.

The following Sunday morning, the victim was lying in her bedroom when she heard someone come into the house. She got up and went to the kitchen to see who it was. When she got to the kitchen, she found Heidelberger with a plastic garbage bag in his pocket. There was no one else in the house at the time; her mother was at church. Heidelberger appeared nervous. While they talked, Heidelberger asked her for some directions. When she pointed with her hand, Heidelberger put a handcuff on her wrist and then asked her for her other hand. She refused and tried to pull away, whereupon Heidelberger punched her in the stomach with his fist. She gave him her other hand and he handcuffed her hands behind her back.

Heidelberger took the victim into her bedroom, threw her on the bed, removed the garbage bag from his pocket and started to put her clothes in the bag. He told her he was making it look as if she had run away. Heidelberger said he was doing this because she had made fun of him a couple of days before. He took off her shorts,   put a gag in her mouth, blindfolded her and took her outside to his car. As he was putting the clothes in the car, she attempted to run away but he caught her and punched her in the ribs with his fists. He then put her in the trunk of his car, closed the trunk and drove to his trailer house.

When they arrived at his house, he brought her to a pigpen near his trailer and took off her blindfold. Heidelberger put the  victim in the pen with the pigs and said, “Let them smell you; you deserve to be with the pigs.” She was still handcuffed and gagged. Heidelberger then took her out of the pigpen and brought her into the trailer house. He put her on the living room floor and threatened her with a knife, saying that she was going to die, that he was going to cut her stomach open and feed her to the pigs, or that he would seal her in a 55-gallon drum. She knew that there were such drums in the junkyard on the property. While making these threats, appellant placed the knife under her chin. She was “scared to death.”

Heidelberger removed her underwear, pulled her shirt over her head and raped her on the floor while she was still handcuffed. When the (rape) was finished, the victim asked Heidelberger how he could do such a thing to his sister. Heidelberger cried and said he was sorry and that if she did not tell anyone she could have anything he had. Heidelberger gave her her clothes, removed the handcuffs and drove her home. The entire incident lasted between 45 minutes and an hour.

Lisa Summers/Sydney Sezer (USA)


Lisa Summers was born a man, Sydney Sezer. Sezer was convicted in 1996 of repeatedly molesting a 13-year-old girl for almost a year. He was sentenced to more than eight years in prison, and after he got out, he legally changed his name to Lisa Summers.  He was using Go Fund Me, a crowd funding website, to ask for $18,000 for surgery to complete the physical transition from man to woman.

Sex offender uses crowdfunding to raise money for gender reassignment surgery _ Local & Regional _ KATU.


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