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Amelia Horgan is a women’s officer for Cambridge University Student Union’s Women’s Campaign, and a self-described angry anarchafeminist, degenerate militant and “disgrace to the principles of liberalism.” In response to reasoned push back from Women about the defamatory targeting of Caroline Criado-Perez, Horgan displayed rank immaturity on social media, as evidenced here.

Liberal feminists like Horgan fail to realize that Women are actually permitted to disagree with an analysis that posits that males can become Women by mere declaration. Women and girls are oppressed across the world on the basis of our sex. We are born into subordination.

Horgan clearly must understand that Male biology exists, as she has spoken in support of sex education:

If sex is irrelevant, what is the point of discussing sex education? For example, Women could simply “identify as” Men and face no consequences of unprotected sex.


CUSU Women’s Campaign and Nina de Paula Hanika @nhanika @WOWtweetUK @VarsityUK @s_sheard @CUSUwomen @CCriadoPerez (UK)

Nina de Paula Hanika, Campaigns Officer for Cambridge University Student Union's Women's Campaign

Nina de Paula Hanika, Campaigns Officer for Cambridge University Student Union’s Women’s Campaign

In a stunning abuse of one’s position in an organization masquerading as feminism, the Cambridge University Student Union’s Women’s Campaign through Nina de Paula Hanika, its Campaigns Officer, has launched an effort to get the feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez  banned from speaking at the ‘Women of the World’ (WOW) Festival. The “Women’s Campaign” takes issue with the fact that Criado-Perez rejects the term “cisgender.” The “Women’s Campaign,” which is supported by Sarah Brown, a Man who identifies as a Woman who tells Women to suck his balls, also believes that this exchange on Twitter between Criado-Perez and de Paula Hanika is evidence of harassment.

Transgender Activists and their Allies like de Paula Hanika are desperate to control Women’s speech. This latest move against Criado-Perez is a shameful embarrassment. Women have a right to reject Transgenderism as harmful to Women.

Women’s Campaign rail against “totally offensive” speaker Caroline Criado-Perez _ Varsity Online

Feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez branded ‘damaging and exclusionary’ by Cambridge women’s campaign ahead of Festival of Ideas event _ Cambridge News

Transadvocate @transadvocate Cristan Williams, Dana Taylor & Gallus Mag (USA)


Men’s Rights Activists Cristan Williams, editor-in-chief of the Transadvocate, and Dana Lane Taylor, a contributor to the Transadvocate, allegedly outed the anonymous blogger Gallus Mag of GenderTrender. In 2014, MRAs calling themselves Women out anonymous Women for having a political opinion with which they disagree.

The intent of this behavior is to bully Women into silence and submission. Transgender activists require Women to be silent because otherwise, we might notice that they are, in fact, Men.

This is the TransAdvocate’s Cristan Williams claiming he is stalking me at my home _ GenderTrender

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Wow -.. GallusMag of Gendertrender has been..

Gallusmag – Gendertrender


If this is true, there will finally be..

Lakisha Lavette Short @ACLU_Delaware (USA)


Lakisha Lavette Short is a Woman who identifies as a Man named Kai. Short filed for a name change, which was denied because Short is currently serving a 55-year prison sentence for first-degree robbery, two weapons counts and aggravated menacing. The American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware is now assisting Short in arguing to the state’s highest court that the lower court should have granted the name change.

Query if the ACLU is doing anything to help Short get out of prison sooner, as the sentence imposed as a habitual offender seems extremely punitive.

Short previously sued the prison system for inadequate health care based on sexual orientation and race; the court threw out that lawsuit.

Habeas Petition.

Transgender inmate fights for name change.

State Case 1.

State Case.

In the matter of Paulo Cesar Arrieta Salas (USA)

A New York court granted a name change of a transgender applicant who could not provide proof of citizenship.

The petitioner satisfied the requirements for a name change under section 61 of the Civil Rights Law by specifying the grounds for the application and disclosing pertinent background information. A lower court rejected the application because the Costa Rican born petitioner was unable to provide the court with proof of citizenship or lawful immigration status. Civil Rights Law § 61 requires verification of a name-change applicant’s “residence,” not legal residence, and the appellate court found that “considerations of citizenship and immigration status should not be lightly imported by implication into the statutory scheme where to do so would ignore the plain meaning of the statute as written.”

We agree with the appellate court’s decision. U.S. citizenship has no bearing on whether one should be granted a name change.

In the matter of Paulo Cesar Arrieta Salas, for leave to assume the name of Raquel Ramirez.

Dan McKibben et al v. John McMahon et al. (USA)

Gay, bisexual and transgender Male inmates filed a federal lawsuit against San Bernardino County and its sheriff, alleging they are kept in a segregated unit that doesn’t give them equal access to rehabilitation services and work programs that could shorten their incarceration and help them learn job skills.

The lawsuit, which seeks class-action status, was filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles and includes 15 plaintiffs, including current and former inmates at West Valley Detention Center, where San Bernardino County houses gay, bisexual and transgender inmates in a special unit known as the “alternative lifestyle tank.”

We support humane treatment of all persons who are incarcerated.  All incarcerated persons, including Women, deserve such treatment.


Dan McKibben et al v. John McMahon et al.

Autumn Sandeen @AutumnSandeen @TransgenderHULK @LGBTWeekly (USA)


Autumn Sandeen is a Man who identifies as a Woman who writes a column for the San Diego LGBT Weekly called Trans Progressive. He recently wrote an op-ed about the alleged outing of the anonymous blogger Gallus Mag by the Transadvocate‘s Cristan Williams and Dana Lane Taylor. It is stunning that LGBT publications regularly publish material with no basis in fact. It is more stunning that Sandeen fails to mention that he himself has engaged in abusive harassment of this blogger for years because she disagrees with his politics.

If a Man asks you "are you afraid?" the correct answer is probably "I am now, creep."

If a Man asks you “are you afraid?” the correct answer is probably “I am now, creep.”

The most disturbing aspect of his op-ed are his exhortations against “violence.” If your movement demands that you tell its followers not to be violent, chances are you are in a movement that endorses violence.


Sandeen equates knowing he is a Man with an act of violence.

He also used his Transgender Hulk account to encourage his followers not to be violent.