Bare Reality & Laura Dodsworth @BareReality (UK)

CaptureBare Reality is an art project of Laura Dodsworth that purports to examine how 100 Women feel about our breasts. One of her “women” is a male who identifies as a Woman. He writes about his feelings thusly after his transition, which included breast implants: Continue reading

Miller v. Angel (USA)

The Superior Court of California held that the marriage of Jake Miller, who uses the stage name Buck Angel, was valid. He and his wife Elayne Angel were married in Louisiana after Buck had obtained a California court order recognizing his male sex and had been living as a man for years. His California birth certificate was amended several years after the marriage. In an effort to avoid paying spousal support, Elayne attempted to argue that their marriage was invalid on the grounds that Buck’s birth certificate had not yet been amended to reflect his male sex at the time the Louisiana marriage took place. The California court ruled that Buck was legally male, and that Louisiana law would recognize this as a marriage between a man and a woman.

Miller v. Angel.

Minnesota State High School League (USA)


The Minnesota State High School League is set to vote this week on whether to allow transgender high schools students to participate in athletics based on their gender identity. According to the policy, transgender high school students can play on the team of their choice (male or female) but have to have a physician’s documentation and in some cases must have begun hormone therapy to “preserve competitive equity.” The MSHSL policy also provides transgender students avenues for corrective action if a school district does not comply. The new policy will be discussed in a workshop on Oct. 1 and the full MSHSL is expected to vote on the policy on Oct. 2.

Action Center _ Minnesota Catholic ConferenceMinnesota Catholic Conference.

State athletics league mulls transgender inclusion in sports _ Twin Cities Daily Planet.


Top Minnesota Newspaper Under Fire For Publishing Full-Page Anti-Trans Ad (Photo) – The New Civil Rights Movement.

Green v. Calhoun (USA)

Darius Ishun Green

Zahara Green, formerly known as Darius Ishun Green, is suing the Georgia Department of Corrections in two separate lawsuits for sexual assaults he endured while incarcerated for shoplifting. Green, a transgender woman, alleges that the DOC housed him with another inmate who repeatedly sexually assaulted him.

All people have a right to safety while incarcerated.  Although we oppose housing male inmates with female inmates, we believe that prison systems must create safe space for male inmates who identify as women.

Green previously filed a lawsuit pro se based on similar alleged facts, but agreed to dismiss that lawsuit.

Woman With History Of Robbing Walmarts Captured After Alleged Shoplifting In Soddy Daisy – 05_22_2011 – Chattanoogan.

Prior Dismissal.

Green v. Hooks Motion to Dismiss Denied.

Southern District of Georgia CM_ECF 6 First.

Green v. Hooks.

Southern District of Georgia CM_ECF 6 2.

A Transgender Woman Says She Was Locked In A Cell With Her Rapist.

Green v. Calhoun.

Southern District of Georgia CM_ECF 6.

Heath Adam Ackley @DrHAdamAckley (USA)


Dr. Brooke Magnanti @b_magnanti Bea Attitude @Bea_Attitude (UK)

Brooke Magnanti is a writer, a former research scientist and a former prostitute “who shot to fame in 2009 when she came out as the author of Belle de Jour, the Intimate Adventures of a London Call-Girl.” She apparently created a fake account, @Bea_Attitude, to harass women whose politics she doesn’t like on Twitter. Despite being a “research scientist,” Magnanti believes Men can be Women if they say so.

Darnell v. Jones (USA)


Ronny Darnell was convicted in 2005 of repeatedly raping a 13-year-old girl in 1997. He recently lost his lawsuit saying he was harassed in prison.  He sought sex change surgery as damages for the harassment. He tried to convert his lawsuit into a class action, but was unsuccessful.


Darnell v. Jones Order.

Darnell Letter.

Darnell Complaint.

Darnell Motion for Summary Judgment.

Darnell Motion.

Darnell v. Jones.

Darnell Docket.