Anonymous v. Ministry of Health (Canada)

An anonymous transgender man filed a discrimination complaint against B.C.’s Ministry of Health over delays in his gender reassignment surgery. The complainant, who is not identified, says he has applied for female-to-male gender reassignment surgery, specifically a bilateral mastectomy with chest contouring. He says he was authorized for Medical Services Plan funding in July, 2013, but still has not had the procedure. He says the ministry authorizes only one doctor in the province to perform the surgery and that doctor has missed time on medical leave, pushing already scheduled surgeries even further back. The complainant says the delay has had an extremely negative impact on him and caused stress. The complaint is the second publicized complaint against the Ministry of Health. In the spring, Jackson Flagg filed a complaint over the requirement of seeking approval from the Ministry of Health.

Transgender man files complaint against B.C.

Darnell Nash aka Slayana Berts aka Santina Gibbs (USA)


Darnell Nash pleaded with a federal judge for leniency, saying that the pressures and stresses of being transgender played a role in a scheme that bilked the U.S. government out of $360,000 in unemployment benefits. U.S. District Judge Donald Nugent sentenced him to more than 14 years in prison, though, saying that he didn’t deserve any leniency. In his sentencing memorandum asking for leniency, his lawyer writes that Nash “is a transgender individual that was born a male, but has always felt as though he should be a woman. He has struggled with gender identity issues his  entire life and the resulting conflict and strife has molded the person he is today and directly influenced his criminal conduct. He has been diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, Depression, and Acute Stress Disorder. He has also repeatedly engaged in self-mutilation, whereby he used to cut her penis with a knife, and she has repeatedly experienced thoughts of suicide.” (Ed. Note: His lawyer uses she pronouns). We have seen other cases internationally where a criminal defendant sought leniency because of transgenderism.

In support of leniency, Nash submitted a packet of articles, including Injustice at Every Turn.

Nash Statement

Nash Sentencing Memorandum

United States of America v. Nash et al Docket

U.S. Department of Justice @CivilRights & Title VII (USA)

In a long-overdue move, U.S. Attorney General issued a memorandum stating that the U.S. Department of Justice Department will no longer assert that Title VII’s prohibition against discrimination based on sex does not encompass gender identity per se (including transgender discrimination). Title VII is the federal law that bans employment discrimination. Title VII applies to transgender and gender nonconforming people because of the ruling in Price Waterhouse.

Many gay activists have said for years that Title VII applies to transgender people. We hope that GLBT Organizations will stop trying to advance “transgender inclusive” legislation in Congress to ban discrimination based on gender identity, because it is not, in fact, needed and because GLBT Organizations do a terrible job of describing the legislation. What is needed, however, is legislation to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Attorney General Holder Directs Department to Include Gender Identity Under Sex Discrimination Employment Claims _ OPA _ Department of Justice

Charlie Baker @CharlieBakerMA (USA)


Massachusetts Governor-elect Charlie Baker does not support expanding the state’s anti-discrimination laws to add protection for transgender people in public accommodations.

“No one’s been able to explain to me how the public accommodation piece would actually work in practice,” Baker said. “Schools, hospitals, other organizations have all expressed what I believe to be legitimate concerns about that law.”

Good question, Charlie! That’s because GLBT Groups don’t have an answer except to demand that Women and Girls – who don’t want to share sex-segregated space with a Transwoman and “her” penis – should stop complaining. GLBT Groups have perfected the art of intimidating Women and Girls who object to this scenario as bigots, as in GLBT Land, “bigotry” means not accepting that a person with a penis is female.

Charlie Baker opposes expansion of transgender anti-discrimination rules, supports current law _ masslive


Michelle Duggar @duggarfam & Fayetteville, Arkansas (USA)

Michelle Duggar is a practitioner in the Quiverfull Movement, which requires her to have as many children as possible for Christ. Recently, she recorded a robocall in support of a referendum to repeal a Fayetteville, Arkansas ordinance that would ban discrimination based on gender identity. The transcript of the robocall follows:


Despite the hue and cry of GLBT Men’s Rights Activists, and also despite the fact that we strongly reject Duggar’s religious views, nothing she says about the now-defeated ordinance was false.

We encourage gay and lesbian people to stop hitching our efforts for anti-discrimination protections to overbroad gender identity bills that do not take Women and Girls into account.

Michelle Duggar robocall tries to rally opposition to Fayetteville’s anti-discrimination proposal _ Fayetteville Flyer

Kosilek v. Spencer #justiceforcheryl @JenniferLevi1 (USA)

Robert KosilekRobert Kosilek brutally murdered his wife, Cheryl McCaul, in 1990. The details of that crime follow as reported in Kosilek’s appeal of his conviction:

The victim’s body was discovered in the back seat of her automobile in a shopping mall parking lot in North Attleborough on the evening of Sunday, May 20, 1990, after the mall had closed for the evening. She had been strangled with a rope and a wire. Continue reading

Virginia & Delegate Patrick Hope @HopeforVirginia (USA)

CaptureVirginia State Delegate Patrick Hope has introduced HB 1385, which would prohibit any health care provider from engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with any person under 18 years of age. The bill defines “sexual orientation change efforts” as including the provision of treatment, interventions, counseling, or services intended to change a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expressions, but not including treatment, interventions, counseling, or services provided to persons seeking to transition from one gender to another or that provide acceptance, social support, and identity exploration and development. A number of states have introduced or passed such conversion therapy bans, and courts in California and New Jersey have dismissed lawsuits by therapists who practice this therapy seeking to enjoin the bans.

We reject conversion therapy for gay and lesbian people because it is demonstrably ineffective.  We are somewhat concerned that including “gender identity” in these bans will make it more difficult for transgender youth seeking to detransition to access support that they need. To date, the only support detransitioning youth have found is the support they create for themselves on social media and at women’s space.