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Laua Kacere is a 28-year-old “feminist, part-time vegan, atheist, anti-capitalist, whiskey-enthusiast, music-loving lady of the capital city” who has written an op-ed for the anti-lesbian publication Everyday Feminism called Homonormativity 101: What It Is and How It’s Hurting Our Movement. The op-ed raises the same criticisms many of us in GLBT communities have been leveling for decades now about the mainstreaming of Gay and Lesbian Liberation, as best exemplified in the fight for marriage equality. Kacere, however, concludes without evidence that advancing transgenderism – a political ideology that posits that “being a Woman” is simply a matter of “identifying as a Woman” – is something GLBT communities should embrace to combat something she and other erstwhile lefties call “homonormativity.”

Transgenderism is actually a neoliberal (i.e., conservative) political philosophy that does nothing to advance liberation for Women, particularly Lesbians. In support of her “argument,” Kacere trots out the Transgender Line about the Human Rights Campaign’s 2007 “betrayal” of the “Transgender Community” in not pushing for an “inclusive” law to ban workplace discrimination (based on both sexual orientation and gender identity). Kacere seems unaware of the fact that Transgender people can currently assert protection under federal employment discrimination law, while gay people cannot. This is due in large part of litigation and advocacy by GLBT organizations. She also seems ignorant of the fact that the Human Rights Campaign has bent over backwards to accommodate “Transgender” people, including most notably by supporting a boycott of a Women’s music festival that predominately is run by and provides service and space to Lesbians. Kacere cites favorably Lisa Duggan, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who writes about wanting to critique GLBT movements (which is good) but who sadly demonstrates an utter lack of awareness that Transgenderism IS a mainstream GLBT movement goal (and one that harms Women and Girls).

We are very curious why Kacere views herself as a person who Gay and Lesbian people should listen to, as she does not seem to be Gay or Lesbian. Of course, it is possible that she is. 


Jones v. Flannigan (USA)

Anthony Jones initiated a lawsuit under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 claiming that his rights under the Sixth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments were violated by doctors at the Menard Psychiatric Center who refused to treat his transsexualism and forcibly administered psychotropic drugs against his will.

Jones v. Flannigan

Det. Thomas McLaughlin and Robin Spitfire Adelmann (USA)


Det. Thomas McLaughlin of Lakewood, Ohio, was disciplined for playing the Aerosmith song “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” while a transgender woman was questioned by a fellow officer. He became the subject of an internal affairs investigation, was given a verbal warning and was ordered to attend sensitivity training after the Dec. 22 incident, Lakewood Police Capt. Ed Hassing said.

No one should be humiliated by the police in this manner. We note with concern that at the time Robin Spitfire Adelmann was subjected to this treatment (as he was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting), he was apparently living in a Women’s shelter.

Women deserve freedom from Men when they need shelter and should have a right to space away from Men who identify as Women.

Robin Spitfire Adelmann

Robin Spitfire Adelmann


A Lakewood Detective Played Aerosmith’s ‘Dude (Looks Like a Lady)’ While a Transgender Woman Was Being Interviewed _ Scene and Heard_ Scene’s News Blog _ Cleveland Scene

Rupert Read ‏@GreenRupertRead (UK)


Rupert Read is a UK politician who “repudiates” this blog – run by lesbians, gay men, and trans women – for supporting his right to question the anti-feminist concept of “cisgender.”

Read also apparently does not support anti-discrimination protections for transgender people, as Gender Identity Watch supports such measures. We can also only assume that Read supports prison rape and sexual assault, as we have consistently highlighted and condemned these abuses of incarcerated trans people.

We assume Read is banking his political career on catering to male supremacists, as he has probably realized that Women don’t have spare cash to fund his political ambitions.


Green v. Hooks (USA)

A transgender inmate who was sexually assaulted in prison may pursue claims that prison officials risked his safety by putting him in a cell with a rapist, a federal judge ruled. Darius Green, a male-to-female transgender, was sexually assaulted by a fellow prisoner while serving time at Rogers State Prison in southern Georgia. A federal court denied a motion to dismiss filed by the prison and is allowing the case to proceed.

We support this ruling, as all people have a right to be free from sexual violence while incarcerated.

Green v. Hooks

Marjorie Silva & Azucar Bakery (USA)

Marjorie Silva

Marjorie Silva of Colorado’s Azucar Bakery is being investigated for discrimination based on religious belief after she refused to make a cake with an anti-gay message. We are not at all surprised to see this kind of action, given that gay activists have prioritized suing bakers and florists who refused to make cakes or provide flowers for same-sex couples’ marriages. We hope Silva wins, because we believe that the government should not have the power to force businesses to participate in speech that goes against their political or religious beliefs.

You can donate to Marjorie’s legal defense fund here. Please donate.

Denver baker Marjorie Silva refuses anti-gay bible cake order

Baker faces complaint for refusing anti-gay message on cake – WTOP

Allard v. Gomez (USA)

CaptureIn 2001, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a split decision, reversed a grant of summary judgment to California prison officials in a claim brought by James/Jennifer Allard, a former state prisoner alleging that officials were deliberately indifferent to his gender dysphoria. Allard is a child rapist.

Summary Judgment Reversed on Former Prisoner’s Gender Dysphoria Claim _ Prison Legal News

Media Advisory_ UC Davis Students Argue Two Cases in Appeals Court __ UC Davis News & Information