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Doxxing, Allison Woolbert @TransHarmTrack & @sophiaphotos (Internet)

Men’s Rights Activists who identify as women claim to have “doxxed” people who allegedly are part of Gender Identity Watch. Most of the Women “doxxed” are not part of Gender Identity Watch, but simply commented on our Facebook posts. The “doxx” was apparently perpetrated by Allison Woolbert, a man angry at Gender Identity Watch for our observation that his Trans Violence Tracking Portal does not, in fact, name the perpetrators of violence against trans people and instead is a propaganda tool to bludgeon Women into accepting that transwomen are female. Woolbert also claims to have been “outed” by this blog even though (1) he is out as a transwoman and (2) he has spoken publicly about his male existence.  Woolbert “shared” a conversation he had with one of the people erroneously identified as a member of this collective on the doxxing blog (we are not linking to the doxxing blog, but we have screencapped the relevant sections).  If he did not perpetrate the doxx, Woolbert certainly knows who did. Here is a screenshot of the properties of the shared conversation, which identify Woolbert as the author of the document.  You can download the document here and check the properties yourself. Read more…

Akkai Padmashali (India)


Transgender activist Akkai Padmashali recently obtained a driver’s license indicating her status as female, thanks to a court decision in April that recognised transgenders as the third gender.

The order also said all identity documents, including birth certificate, passport and driving licence would recognize the third gender, along with male and female.

Akkai said that in all likelihood, she could be the first transgender in the country to get a driver’s license after the apex court judgment. “As the SC order also upheld transgender persons’ right to decide their gender, she preferred “Female” as gender while filling the licence application.

Transgender in Bangalore wins driving license battle – The Times of India.


Originally posted on sisterhoodispowerful:

A disturbing new cultural phenomenon is hitting social media. You only become aware of it when you are its victim or its perpetrator. The main victims are feminists.  But an ever-increasing pool of twitter users are targeted, including those falling into the bracket of: feminists, radical feminists, followers of radical feminists or feminists on twitter and anyone expressing any kind of sympathy for the radical feminist position that gender is harmful.

That amounts to a large pool of women (and others) who are finding voices to describe, and oppose, patriarchy and who, consequently, are being culturally sidelined.

Here is how it is happening:

If you’re on twitter, you may have noticed there’s an account called @TheBlockBot. If you’re like me, you probably moved swiftly on, with a vague tut, and thought no more about it.

Just recently, however, I’ve been piecing together an ominous pattern of male domination and control…

View original 1,771 more words

New York City (USA)

Legislation to create a city-issued identification card for undocumented New Yorkers and others could benefit transgender New Yorkers as well, by allowing them to self-identify by “gender.”

The municipal identification legislation passed by the City Council in June is primarily geared toward helping expand access to city services for the city’s estimated 500,000 undocumented people. But it extends protections to other groups as well, including transgender New Yorkers who will be able to obtain a city ID that lists their chosen identity.

City officials said they believe the legislation is the first of its kind in the U.S. Other cities, such as Oakland, Calif., have ID programs that don’t require residents to list a gender. In New York, residents can list their gender as they please — man, woman, or something else.

Municipal ID Bill Also a Boon to Transgender New Yorkers – Metropolis – WSJ.

Press Release.

Press Release.

Trudy Kitzmiller & Kristen Skinner (USA)

Trudy Kitzmiller

Trudy Kitzmiller

Kristen Skinner

Kristen Skinner

Trudy Kitzmiller & Kristen Skinner are men who identify as women. They recently attempted to have their driver’s license photographs taken at the west Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, but were told they could not get their photographs taken while “dressed as women.”

“Dressed as a woman” is a meaningless statement in that one only understands what being “dressed as a woman” means by understanding sex stereotypes. We support the right of men to be photographed “dressed as women.”

Interestingly, the Transgender Legal Defense Fund – which represents the duo – believes that calling men who identify as women “men” is defamation. As truth is an absolute defense to defamation, one can conclude that the TLDEF believes that calling a male person a man is false if the man says he is a woman.


TLDEF_ TLDEF Calls Upon West Virginia DMV to Allow Two Transgender Women to Take Driver’s License Photos as Their True Selves and Without Harassment.

Gabrielle Ludwig (USA)


Gabrielle Ludwig is a Man permitted to play on a Women’s basketball team because he “identifies as a woman.” Ludwig, born Robert John Ludwig, played basketball in high school and for one season at a community college on Long Island, N.Y. Ludwig was in the Navy for eight years and served during Operation Desert Storm. He was married and divorced twice.

‘Stand your ground and just keep going’ _ Recordnet.


Hämäläinen v. Finland (European Court of Human Rights)


Heli Hämäläinen, who came out as transgender during her marriage, lost her lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights that she should be allowed to be legally recognized as a female without changing her marital status. Because of Finland’s prohibition on same-sex marriage, Heli, 49, is not able to obtain legal recognition of her sex unless she converts her 18-year marriage into a civil partnership.

She has already had to undergo a psychiatric assessment and sterilization as part of the Finland’s legal requirements for “gender recognition.”

Grand Chamber judgment Hamalainen v. Finland Transsexuals official recognition of new gender.

Hämäläinen v. Finland


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