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Geek Feminism is a blog that “exists to support, encourage, and discuss issues facing women in geek communities, including science and technology, gaming, SF fandom, and more.”

It issued two statements regarding the rape committed by Dana McCallum, a Man who identifies as a Woman. In the statements, Geek Feminism is more concerned with mischaracterizing the views of radical feminists as “transmisogyny” than identifying Male violence perpetrated by McCallum.

The McCallum case has already been used as evidence of female-on-female violence in lesbian relationships, despite McCallum’s maleness and lack of a lesbian relationship.

Women have a right to name reality, no matter how much it offends precious ideologies that privilege Male beliefs. Despite what Geek Feminism and the victim believe about McCallum, he is, in fact, a Man. He is, in fact, not a lesbian. And Women – including Lesbians – have a right to notice this.

Re-stating our support for the victim_survivor in the Dana McCallum case _ Geek Feminism Blog

Geekfeminism Statement

Menasha School District, Wisconsin (USA)

Menasha School District officials allowed a transgender senior at Menasha High School, who school leaders say identifies as a female, to put on a band uniform in the same area as female band students. The uniforms go over regular street clothes. The superintendent told a reporter on the phone the district constantly makes accommodations for students without informing parents. Instead, only those who would be impacted are notified. Schools officials refer to the transgender student as a she. They say the district made the accommodation because it takes the needs of all students into account and does not discriminate.

It is unclear if the school district takes the need for privacy into account, at least when such need is asserted by girls.

Wisconsin state law does not ban discrimination based on gender identity.

Menasha parents upset over school’s transgender accommodation _ FOX 11 Online _ WLUK-TV

Marriage Amendment Bill 2014 (Hong Kong)

Amendments to Hong Kong marriage laws that were merely straightforward changes meant to comply with a top-court ruling last year were voted down by equal numbers of pro-establishment and pan-democratic legislators. The government’s Marriage (Amendment) Bill 2014 seeks to revise the Marriage Ordinance after the Court of Final Appeal ruled in July last year that a transgender woman, W, could marry her boyfriend as it was unconstitutional to ban her from doing so.

Transgender marriage law vetoed by Legco _ South China Morning Post

Arizona Interscholastic Association (USA)

The Arizona Interscholastic Association Executive Board approved the first transgender student-athlete to play in a winter sport in Arizona.

Chuck Schmidt, associate executive director of the AIA, said he could not give the name of the athlete, nor the sport, school and sex in order to protect the student-athlete’s privacy.

An AIA subcommittee recommended the eligibility of the transgender athlete to the board, which unanimously voted to allow the student-athlete to play.

AIA approves first transgender athlete to play a sport.

National Center for Lesbian Rights Board of Directors @NCLRights @KellyMcCown @KNOWetry @sflgbtcenter @s_zambino @YoungInvincible (USA)

Here are the Women responsible for the anti-lesbian agenda of the National Center for Lesbians Rights and the targeted campaign of harassment against the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.

Maya Philipson

Tamika Butler

Gareth Duncan Gill

Elizabeth (Beth) Deeley

Sonni Zambino

Ruth McFarlane

Stacy Parson

Kelly McCown

Erin Dominguez

Dorothy Fernandez

Lisa Cisneros, Esq.

Angela Berry

Jetta Rae Robertson and Ravishly @jetta_rae @ravishlydotcom @robynejohnson & @kelleycalkins (USA)

Jetta Rae Robertson is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He recently wrote a grossly homophobic op-ed for Ravishly about the blogger Gallus Mag, who was recently allegedly outed by the Men’s Rights Activists Cristan Williams and Dana Lane Taylor. In his op-ed, he refers to “Cathy Brennan supporters” harassing him. Since I have never heard of him, I emailed Ravishly using its contact us information to state that I have never heard of this person.

In response, Robertson admits he has no proof of whatever harassment he experienced, but that doesn’t stop him from playing victim to his Twitter followers.


In 2014, media outlets posing as objective news sources just make shit up about Women they dislike. In 2014, homophobia is always ok when directed at Women who know transwomen are male.

An Open Letter To The Woman Who Has Harassed The Trans Community—My Community—For Years _ Ravishly Edited

An Open Letter To The Woman Who Has Harassed The Trans Community—My Community—For Years _ Ravishly

AKA DoubleCakes on Twitter_ _Cathy Brennan is writing my employer to get my article taken down Whois Lookup – – Who

Doe v. Connecticut Department of Correction (USA)

A 16-year-old boy who identifies as a girl and who is being held at a boys’ detention center alleged that staff members repeatedly call him by his male birth name and male pronouns, force him to wear boys’ uniforms and have banned him from wearing his wig and makeup. The new accusations come in an amended lawsuit filed in federal court. The boy, known only in court documents as Jane Doe, is suing state child welfare and prison officials, alleging they have violated his constitutional rights and federal laws by detaining him in traumatizing solitary confinement for most of this year.

Lawsuit_ Detained Transgender Teen Treated as Boy – ABC News

Court Docket